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Image: A live show by Stephen Woods

Five About Live

Written by Stephen Woods

There's something quite special about experiencing live music. It's a combination of the atmosphere, the interaction and being able to feel the performance; but it's also a way to really get a feel for what the artist is like in an honest way without the facade that slickly produced recordings can create. It's an up-close, personal, first-hand experience that you just can't replicate. It's easy to listen to recorded music but live shows give you that little something extra; an authentic experience.

If you're struggling to figure out whether you should go to a gig, concert or festival, here are five things about live shows to make you think:

1. Atmosphere:

The anticipation starts before you get to an event and the atmosphere builds once you are there as people arrive and things start to happen. If it's done well the atmosphere should build and build to a crescendo as the event unfolds and the mood is created.

2. Social Interaction:

Whether you go alone or with a group of people it's pretty easy to feel the energy. If you're at a smaller gig there's usually an opportunity to interact with the artists.

3. Feeling the music:

Once the show starts you're part of it, as the audience reacts to the music and the musicians engage with the audience. You feel the music as much as you hear it. It's an opportunity to listen to the music, form your own opinions and pick out your favourite artists and songs.

4. The Experience:

The best live shows are created as a performance in themselves and curated in a way that gives something extra to the fans. This is the key part. It's all about the experience.

5. Memories:

Memories are created from the experience and life is all about experience. One day you'll look back at your favourite musicians and you'll be glad you went to their gigs and watched them live. You may even have merchandise, photos, tickets and wristbands as keepsakes.

When all is said and done people are social creatures with an inherent need for experience. If you want a special memory you have to experience it live.

Music is food for the soul.

Stephen Woods

Stephen is a former Assistant Event Producer who has worked on the production of major live events. He created to post about things that catch his eye. His interests include sport, music, design, leadership, innovative and socially responsible businesses and writing poetry and lyrics.
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