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Image: Alex Clare at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden by Stephen Woods

Alex Clare Album Preview

Written by Stephen Woods

November. Most people are starting to look forward to Christmas and thinking about all of the things that go with it like the food, the gifts and the socialising, but I'm not interested in that, at least not yet. I'll enjoy it at the time. In the meantime, I'm interested in discovering new music. I've concentrated a lot on seeing emerging artists this year but sometimes you have to go and see someone who is already established. Alex Clare is releasing some new music and was doing an album preview on the 7th November at a club in Covent Garden in London. I managed to get a ticket and made my way there for the Monday night show. It was early evening when I arrived in that part of town and because the clocks had gone back it was getting dark. It was the kind of weather where you wrap-up in a coat, scarf and hat and immerse yourself deep in your thoughts to take your mind off the chill in the air. I had time on my hands so I made my way to the Apple Store to have a look at some of the new products. The iPad Pro is tempting amongst other things. I looked up Alex Clare's music on iTunes and cast my eye over his new album with half of my thoughts on the gig that evening. I had Treading Water on my mind from one of his previous albums but I didn't want to preview anything new. I wanted to wait until the show and take it all in. You can tell a lot when you see an artist live, in the same way that trying a product in-store can give you a feel for what it's like. I've got a pretty good idea what I will do when I decide to upgrade but that was a mission for another day. The Apple staff are always helpful which makes a difference and the focus is on the products. Just like a live show, it's all about the experience.

I got to the venue early and started to think about what was to come. I like to see the warm-up acts as much as the headline artist. The support act was a guy called Beau who did a good job of getting things going with a few of his own songs and a cover thrown in. It was busy in there. In-between the warm-up act and Alex Clare I was thinking about some of the emerging artists I've seen. Most of the events I've been to recently have had talented people but when you see someone who has been around for a while and has had some success the performance is usually of a high standard. This was no exception. Alex Clare and his band were good. In addition to Alex on vocals the band consisted of a drummer and two guitarists which set the tone nicely. I always admire people who put themselves out there. You don't really know how new material is going to be received until you get some feedback from an audience. The crowd seemed to like it and I enjoyed it. The lyric video for Tell Me What You Need has been on the internet for a while and there are other tracks worth noting including Love Can Heal. Like a trip to the Apple Store this was just a taster and on a cold November autumn evening it was enough to wet your appetite.

Album: Tail of Lions by Alex Clare, released 11th November 2016

Video: Lyric video of Tell Me What You Need by Alex Clare

Music is food for the soul.
Stephen Woods

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