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Image: Frosty Morning in the Cotswolds by Stephen Woods

Sunshine In Winter

Written by Stephen Woods

Sunshine in winter
and everything glistens,
You turn on some music
and have a listen,

Sunshine in winter
with frost on the ground,
You hear the music
and get lost in the sound,

Sunshine in winter
it's crisp and it's cold,
Lose yourself in the music
as the stories unfold,

Sunshine in winter
keeping snug and warm,
The music plays on
as you weather the storm,

Sunshine in winter
your mind's on a mission,
Immersed in the music
as your thoughts glisten.

Music is food for the soul.
Stephen Woods

Stephen is a former Assistant Event Producer who has worked on the production of major live events. He created to focus on the essence of music. His interests include sport, music, design, leadership, innovative and socially responsible businesses and writing poetry and lyrics. Follow @WoodsStephen